BC Game Plinko: Play in Demo and For Real Money in Pakistan

A game of chance called BC Game Plinko has been played on TV shows since the 1980s. Bonus rounds are the primary distinction between Plinko and traditional slots; however, bonus symbols such as Wild and Scatter are absent. BC Game provides Pakistani players with two game options with multiple betting ranges, speed levels, and payoff coefficients.

BC Game in Pakistan - Plinko for players

How to Play Plinko in BC Game Casino

In the Plinko game, the main objective is to achieve the highest multipliers, which directly influence the size of the final prize. The higher the multiplier, the greater the reward waiting for the player. Upon starting the game, a pyramid of white pegs will appear on the screen. Gamblers place a ball at the top, and the tasked person rolls it down the pyramid to the base, where the mentioned multipliers are located. The rules are clear: the value of the multiplier where the ball stops will multiply the initial stake, determining the win amount. For example, with a stake of €100 and hitting an x16 multiplier, the player wins 1,600 PKR. The game is simple and intuitive!

How do I play plinko at BC Game for Pakistanis

Types of Plinko Game in BC Game Casino

There are two types of Plinko games available at BC Casino. Their games are a little different.

Types of PlinkoDescription
Plinko by BC OriginalsA casino-style game inspired by the classic pricing game from television. In this digital version, players drop chips onto a board filled with pegs, which are tossed randomly into various multiplier slots below. The goal is to put chips in slots that maximize the original bet, giving them a chance to win big based on where the chips land
King Midas PlinkoA beautiful adaptation of the classic Plinko game, with the theme revolving around the legendary King Midas, who is known for turning everything he touches into gold. Players drop golden chips from the top of a vertical board filled with numerous pegs. The chips bounce off these pegs and randomly move toward the board’s base, where various multiplier zones are located. The game’s goal is to direct the chip so that it lands in a zone with the highest possible multiplier, increasing the player’s initial bet. The winnings are calculated based on the multiplier zone where the chip lands. If you want to play this game, straightforward strategies are optional. It takes a bit of bankroll and some luck

How to Launch the BC Game Play Casino Plinko

Register to add more money to your bankroll and start playing my game in BC Game as a Pakistani player. Pakistani gamers can sign up for online or mobile app accounts. All you need to play is:

  1. Click the “Deposit” button (it is placed in the top right corner), make sure your deposit meets the minimum required amount, choose a payment method, and accept the transaction.
  2. Use the navigation bar on the left to select a Plinko game.
  3. Choose to play for real money or a demo version.
  4. Carefully familiarize yourself with the board and plan your bet accordingly. Pay attention to the hole placement with different prizes.
  5. Observe the flow of chips across the board and analyze how they bounce off obstacles. This can help determine how the chip will eventually sink into a hole.
  6. Follow your instincts, but remember that gambling is a game of chance. It’s not guaranteed to win, so play responsibly and have fun!

How to launch plinko game at BC Game Pakistan site

How to Make a Deposit to Use Real Money to Play Plinko

You will need an account to play Plinko and win real money. To send money to your bankroll:

  1. STEP 1

    Select the Deposit button from the top menu.

    Go to the Deposit section at the BC Game in Pakistan

  2. STEP 2

    Decide whether to use fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies for storage.

    Choose a deposit option - BC Game Pakistan

  3. STEP 3

    Provide the deposit under the parameters.

    Provide parameters of your deposit at BC Game for Pakistanis

  4. STEP 4

    Specify how you want to be paid.

    Specify payment details - BC Game for Pakistan

  5. STEP 5

    Finalize the transaction by confirming the transfer of money to your bankroll.

    Finalize your deposit transaction - BC Game Pakistan

Payment Options in BC Game Plinko

It should be noted that there are different minimum and maximum deposit limits at the casino.

Payment method Minimum Deposit, PKR Maximum Deposit, PKR
Yo-Da Wallet 100 200,000
Easypaisa 100 1,000,000
Jazzcash 100 1,000,000
Bank Transfer 100 50,000


What is the most crucial win for Plinko?

The maximum payout at Plinco Casino is 3,843.3 times. This is incredibly generous for instant win games, considering that most games like this have a maximum win margin of 100x or less.

Can you win big with Plinko?

You’ll get bigger prizes in Plinko, especially if you land in areas with high prize value. However, remember that success is based on luck, and there are no guarantees.

Are Plinko’s casino games fair?

Yes, the casino games in Plinko Game are fair and based on randomization algorithms. The casino uses appropriate technology and auditors to ensure fair play and random results.