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BC.GAME is the official online casino operated by BlockDance B.V. This company has an official registration number 158182 and a license from the Government of Curacao under the number 5536/JAZ. In accordance with this, the organization is subject to several legal obligations, the fulfillment of which guarantees the reliability and legality of the institution. One of the requirements is to ensure the security of users’ confidential information. This is ensured through the privacy policy.

The document not only prescribes what security measures should be used but also what methods and purposes for obtaining and analyzing private details, the rights of players, and the responsibilities of the company. Any person who wishes to create an account with BC Game must review these rules and agree to be bound by them. Otherwise, the user will not be able to start the game.

Company management may also change or amend the agreement at any time to comply with current legislation and other regulations. The new version will be published on the official website and will come into effect immediately. Therefore, to ensure that players do not have any misunderstandings, they should visit the appropriate section on the site from time to time.

BC.GAME Pakistan is an official online casino that guarantees security for its users

Data gathered

When performing any actions on the site, BC.GAME Pakistan may receive personal details about the player. This falls into several categories:

  • Profile details. If the user has a registered account on the site, then the organization will receive all the details including email address, devices used, account status, and age;
  • Device information. No matter what the player is using, a smartphone or a phone, the company knows the serial number, operating system, and browser type;
  • Contact details. Thanks to this, the company can send an important message to the player or provide assistance. This includes email address, mobile number, country of residence and address;
  • Transaction details. In order to make deposits and withdraw money smoothly, BC.GAME Pakistan will request information about the payment method, amounts, identification documents, and transaction history;
  • Traffic analysis. When a user goes to the site and performs an action there, the online casino can find out the IP address, device type, date and time of entry, session duration, language preferences, and browser settings;
  • Identification data. In some cases, the organization may request any documents that identify the player and are issued by the state;
  • Communication. The player can leave comments on the site, chat with other users, or contact customer support. In such cases, the company will retain all records of correspondence and calls.

In certain situations, BC.GAME Pakistan has the right to obtain personal data, even if it relates to race, religion, or political affiliation. This also includes health information and criminal details.

Data of Pakistani players gathered at the BC Game

How is it used?

It is important for BC.GAME Pakistan to understand what preferences and needs players have. This helps the company improve the quality of services and user experience. In addition, the organization has the right to use private details in other cases:

  • To provide complete and hassle-free access to the site’s services;
  • To analyze content and improve the activities of online casinos;
  • To develop and send advertising that is relevant to users’ interests and will be effective;
  • To provide communication, assistance, and support to players;
  • To reduce the risks of financial crime and other serious violations;
  • To monitor user activity within the framework of the responsible gaming concept;
  • To develop, test, and implement new services.

How does privacy policy used at BC Game Pakistan

Information disclosure

BC.GAME Pakistan has the right to transfer private user data to third parties in certain cases. At the same time, the company will make sure that the disclosure is safe and does not violate the rights of players. The main reasons for the transfer may be the following:

  • Providing players with requested services. This can be provided with the help of software providers, payment systems, or other organizations that are part of the BlockDance B.V. group;
  • Cooperation with law enforcement and other government agencies. To maintain a safe and legal atmosphere on the site, the company has the right to share personal data with law enforcement agencies. This is especially possible at their request or when a player commits a crime on the site. This may also be carried out if the user threatens the integrity and security of the online casino, employees, or other players;
  • Implementation of policy objectives. In order for all goals to be achieved, the company needs a team of professional data processors. Therefore, BC.GAME Pakistan has the right to transfer confidential information to analytical departments and organizations that are responsible for processing payments. The organization also has the right to share private details with institutions that help fight gambling addiction.

There are also special circumstances that allow BC.GAME Pakistan to disclose personal details:

  • Written consent of the user;
  • Emergency situations, compliance with court orders, enforcement of the law, and so on;
  • During the process of merger, sale, or acquisition of a business.

The company will sign a confidentiality agreement with each party. In addition, the organization will check that this process is secure and that no confidential information is leaked.

Disclosure of information st the BC Game in Pakistan

Security guarantees

BC.GAME Pakistan is constantly improving its services and using the latest technologies to ensure maximum security for players’ private data. This includes the following measures:

  • Quick response to threats and use of preventive measures;
  • Cooperation with the best network security systems;
  • Use of technologies to encrypt personal data;
  • Ensuring physical protection of processing and storage centers for personal items.

How does the BC Game website guarentee a safety of Pakistani player's and bettor's data

External resources

The company may post links to third-party resources on the website. This can be either useful articles and content for players, or advertising from other organizations. The privacy policy does not apply to third-party resources. Therefore, BC.GAME Pakistan is not responsible for their safety and possible risks. Users are advised to review their privacy policies before clicking any link.

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The site uses cookies to better understand the needs and desires of players. These are small text files that are installed in the player’s browser when visiting a site. Cookies also collect analytical and statistical information that helps improve user service. Players can opt out of these cookies through their browser settings.

Cookies at BC Game website

Communication and assistance 

Players can contact customer support if they are unclear about any provisions of the document, or have questions, suggestions, or complaints. All requests must be sent to [email protected].

The company has the right to respond to a request within 1 month. However, in difficult situations, additional time may be needed to conduct a thorough investigation. If the user is not satisfied with the decision of the support manager, then they can contact the company management. In order for a request to be considered and taken into account, it must be clear, reasonable, and supported by relevant evidence.

If a player believes that their rights have been violated and the organization does not want to resolve the dispute, then they have the right to appeal to the data protection authorities or the court.

Assistance at the BC Game Pakistan website